From:  Glen , Janice & Family
To:  Joann Berry - Berry Hill Bassets

Subject: Jackson and Abigaelle

Date:  April 6, 2011

Hi Joann,

 We are so thankful to have our two babies, Abigaelle and Jackson, in our family!

When we first saw them, we were amazed on just how well these beautiful bassets, did for such a long plane trip! The puppies that we have received from you are extremely healthy, very happy and well socialized dogs.

The best part of our day is, when we get home.  Being greeted at the door by such adorable faces, who are always glad to see you, even if you have only been gone a little while.

Abby and Jackson, are getting spoiled rotten, and have no problems fitting in with our other spoiled  bassets. We refer to all of them now as, "the dog squad."

 Dealing with you Joann was easy. E mails, paperwork, vets, phone calls, etc. All of the arrangements for shipping to another country, was immediately taken care of, by you. We had our pups at home no time at all. Our experience with you has been much appreciated and we thank you for that!


Glen, Janice and family





From:      Maple Street Bassets
To:         Berry Hill Bassets

Subject:  Letter and 9 Week Pics

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010

Hello Joann,

I just wanted to thank you again for breeding such a beautiful dog. Hugs has been a wonderful addition to our family. When I first saw him I couldn't get over how healthy he was. He's been such a sweetheart. He hardly ever barks. In fact, at the airport there was 2 guys that said they wanted to hear him bark but Hugs just looked at them with a
blank stare and fell back asleep. ha ha. Just by looking at him it was easy to see he had been completely spoiled. It was so nice that you trained him on wee wee pads. He does great with them! Its been nice that he consistantly knows to use them so he can play on the carpeted areas. Everyone who sees him compliments on his big bones and
wrinkles. They fall in love. He is an outstanding dog. I am thrilled to own him.

I also appreciate how quickly you responded to emails and phone calls. It made the entire process so much easier. You were always prompt to send me information and the paperwork came soon after he did. It all worked out perfectly. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a high quality basset hound. I will be sure to keep you updated on Hugs progress in showing. I feel that he could do very well. :) 

again Joann!

Jennie Hibbert and Hershey's Hugs

All photographs, except where noted, courtesy of Mountainberry Photo